Below you’ll find people— real people with real stories about their lives, bodies and journeys. Read their stories, listen to their voices, and find out what you can expect from Gym Time Personal Training.

“Jay Safari is without doubt the best and most professional personal trainer I have worked with in the last 30 years.”

His commitment to learning and sharing best practice is amazing, which becomes obvious when you talk to him about any aspect of fitness, be it nutrition, technique or setting up a training schedule. He does not have a one size fits all approach and in addition to his world-class knowledge he is very supportive and committed to the goals of those he works with. He is genuinely delighted for the success you achieve, and always makes time to answer any questions by email or text.” Robin Sieger

Peak Performance Coach & Autho

Such a happy, positive influence, Jay, soon gave me the motivation I needed. I have a much fitter, stronger body and I am no longer ‘pre diabetic’. Jay gave me the positive mindset to believe I could achieve more than I thought possible. He is so generous with his knowledge, not only pushing you to achieve the impossible but providing nutritional information to enable you to reach your potential.

I had a personal trainer some years ago who I just couldn’t  compare with Jay. Without doubt the positivity and body confidence I now have are testimony to Jay’s holistic approach. A genuinely lovely person with an infectious lust for life. I would advise anyone to train with Jay – its life changing. Ruth Aumonie

“I am now fitter, stronger and more confident than ever”

One of the most important things for me was the reason I even asked Jay about personal training in the first place; I wanted to get that drive and determination back, having been quite fit in the past. He was extremely thorough during the various gym classes I attended He didn’t just stand at the front and give instructions, he took time to go around the room and talk to the individual people, correcting their form, encourage them and make sure that they were really pushing themselves. This was a very important factor for me, as it showed that he cared about what he does and that he is meticulous in detail and makes sure people are doing things correctly.

I am now fitter, stronger and more confident than ever and having Jay train me makes me work harder and push myself to achieve things and do more than I could do on my own in a gym. Thanks Jay!! Chris Wheatley

“I’m stronger than ever been before!”

Having Jay as my PT has meant that my body changed so much, as well as my state of mind. He has taught me so many different exercises and how to do them properly with the right technique. Most importantly, every exercise and stretch that we did worked for my body.

I’m sure he knows me better than I know myself sometimes!

He believed in me more than I believed in myself. He never let me down and always pushed me to the limit, which was hard but such a great feeling and so rewarding at the end. For me, the most important thing was that he became more than my personal trainer, he became a friend; a buddy that I can laugh and share many things with!

It’s been such a great adventure so far! I’m stronger than never and we are not going to stop here! 👍 Virginie Ramit

“The result has been amazing”

The result has been amazing, my weight loss, which was considerable, but gradual, has been noticeable to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. My tailored training, combined with advice on nutrition, has worked well. I have gone down two sizes and for me to say that I am happy with what Jawaid has helped me achieve is an understatement.

The training process could often be intense, though it was always varied and Jay made it easy with his sense of humour. When I was feeling scared or apprehensive, he made it easy with words of encouragement; willing me with the words “you can do it”, which made any anxiety quickly disappear.  I looked forward to my training each week and grew in confidence. Jawaid pushed me to the limit and has made a positive impact on me. Lucia Rogerson

Training with Jay Safari has been great; he knows exactly the right balance between pushing me to achieve my goals and knowing where my limits are, especially considering the pregnancy. I have been amazed that I have been able to increase my strength and maintain muscle tone whilst pregnant and, in many ways, the results are better than when I trained more frequently.

Jay educated me so much around technique too, which has been great and will continue to help me in future when I do workouts on my own. Jay’s flexibility around my sessions has been really helpful and something that I have been very appreciative of. The pregnancy has often meant that I have had to move things around at the last minute and he accommodated this no problem.

The single best result that I have achieved from training with Jay is the shape of my legs! They are far more toned and muscular than they have ever been! Thank you! Abigail Osbiston